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Our Calling


During the current pandemic, worship in church has moved to a maximum of fortnightly services.

We are monitoring and responding to the situation all the time.  Any services planned in church are detailed here.

When we do hold services, they are livestreamed on our Youtube channel and saved to watch later.

The Airedale Circuit has been holding a weekly worship service on Zoom since March.
This service is also livestreamed and saved on their Youtube channel.   
For Zoom and phone dial-in details of this service, please get in touch.


The response of Oakworth Methodist Church to the encouragement of the Methodist Conference to adopt the 'Our Calling' process and to think of our life in terms of Worship, Learning and Caring, Service and Evangelism is as follows:


  • We will encourage people to hear and respond to the gospel call, by the use of imaginative, relevant worship, accessible to all - where possible joining with others so that we can feel the excitement of belonging to a larger and vibrant whole.
  • Corporate worship and prayer will be offered as the central aim of our church life, using a variety of forms of worship and resources to cater for all age groups - for our regular worshippers and also for those on the fringes of the church.
  • Services held at Oakworth Manor will enable us to worship with those whose infirmity prevents their church attendance.

Learning and Caring

  • We will explore ways of encouraging people of all ages to develop and grow in their faith.
  • We will pray and care for one another in the church and wider community and offer a friendly welcome to all.
  • Pastoral care will be provided, using the team of pastoral visitors.
  • Light refreshments will be served after service and opportunities will be provided for people to gather at other times, as an important way of nurturing and continuing friendship.


  • We will strive globally for justice, peace and the careful stewardship of creation.
  • Our church building is a valuable resource and it will be made available for use by community groups - links will be made with the users wherever possible.
  • Community involvement and support for the Salvation Army food bank will be encouraged.
  • The necessity of fund raising, for our own and other charitable use is recognised - the fund raising committee and others will be supported in the great variety of events they initiate.


  • We will ensure the effective deployment of God-given resources, both material and human, especially for work with young people.
  • Planning strategically for mission will be a priority, working ecumenically wherever we can.
  • Outreach/mission using various forms of Drama with different age groups will be encouraged - from pantomime to drama in worship.
  • Provision will be made for the needs of our young people through JIGSAW (formerly Sunday School) and other initiatives like Messy Church and Youth Groups.
  • We will witness to Christian values in society, locally and nationally, communicating effectively with other people of faith.

We rely on the Holy Spirit to empower us as we do all this in the service of the kingdom of God.