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During the current pandemic, worship in church has moved to a maximum of fortnightly services.

We are monitoring and responding to the situation all the time.  Any services planned in church are detailed here.

When we do hold services, they are livestreamed on our Youtube channel and saved to watch later.

The Airedale Circuit has been holding a weekly worship service on Zoom since March.
This service is also livestreamed and saved on their Youtube channel.   
For Zoom and phone dial-in details of this service, please get in touch.


In our Church we aim to ensure that people of all ages are able to learn about and explore their Christian faith in a way that is appropriate for them. 

JIGSAW is our group for children aged 3 to 11 replacing the traditional Sunday School and Junior Church. We are using an exciting new range of teaching materials which are designed to allow our children to learn about the Christian faith in a fun environment with stories, games, drama, arts and craft activities which make the Bible and its message easier to understand.

We would love to welcome new children into JIGSAW so that we can share the wonderful truth that Jesus really is Great, Super and Wonderful!