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Our History


During the current pandemic, worship in church has moved to a maximum of fortnightly services.

We are monitoring and responding to the situation all the time.  Any services planned in church are detailed here.

When we do hold services, they are livestreamed on our Youtube channel and saved to watch later.

The Airedale Circuit has been holding a weekly worship service on Zoom since March.
This service is also livestreamed and saved on their Youtube channel.   
For Zoom and phone dial-in details of this service, please get in touch.


The first appearance of Methodist work in Oakworth was in 1779 when a Class Meeting was formed in Dockroyd. The first Sunday School in this area opened in 1784 and six years later a purpose built Schoolroom was erected at Sykes Head. Regular week-night Preaching Services began after a time at Dockroyd House, Clough House and Sykes Head School, and Sunday Services commenced in 1816.

The first Chapel was built in 1822 on part of the site of Holden Hall and this was enlarged in 1838. Meanwhile, in 1826, a larger School had been built at the top of Lidget, incorporating a public clock and sundial (which can now be seen on the front wall of the present church). This school was enlarged in 1845 and 1855.

The second Chapel was built on the present site next to Oakworth House in 1858, to seat 977 people. Records tell us that Church membership peaked at 347 in 1889. A new School was opened in Victoria Road in 1878 and, to celebrate the centenary of the first Sunday School, the clock and bells were installed in 1884. This building also housed the village Day School, until the present Primary School building opened in 1937.

Numbers declined during the twentieth century. The large Chapel closed in 1957 and the Sunday School building also closed when the present dual purpose building opened in April 1960. To house a growing Sunday School (boasting over 100 scholars in 1983) the church was extended in 1979, when the Wesley Room was added, and again in 1982 with the addition of the Hall. By 1993 the roof urgently needed refurbishing and the 2000 Scheme was devised to incorporate this work into an exciting scheme to refurbish the whole premises. The new Kitchen, Lounge, facilities for the disabled and much improved worship area were completed in 1998 and we were delighted with the result.

In the last few years a lot of work has gone into tidying and replanting the grounds and generally keeping the church in good shape for the many visitors who make use of our facilities. Our warm, flexible, welcoming suite of premises is now in use every day of the week and we hope this website gives you a glimpse of the rich variety of work and fellowship which takes place within our walls.