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Oakworth Craft Group


During the current pandemic, worship in church has moved to a maximum of fortnightly services.

We are monitoring and responding to the situation all the time.  Any services planned in church are detailed here.

When we do hold services, they are livestreamed on our Youtube channel and saved to watch later.

The Airedale Circuit has been holding a weekly worship service on Zoom since March.
This service is also livestreamed and saved on their Youtube channel.   
For Zoom and phone dial-in details of this service, please get in touch.


The Oakworth Craft Group (formerly Oakworth Ruggers) meet monthly on Mondays at 1.00pm.  They have recently increased the scope of what they do and other crafts have been added to their original activity of making Rag Rugs out of old scraps of material.

These are some samples of their work, taken at our Jubilee Flower Festival weekend a few years ago.

[Click image for larger version]